EvoSwitch Wins ”Best Energy Solution’’ award at Datacloud Awards 2017

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 7 June 2017 – EvoSwitch, a provider of 100% carbon-neutral operated colocation data centers in the Europe and the U.S. with its partner-rich cloud interconnection platform, EvoSwitch OpenCloud, has been awarded the ‘Best Energy Solution’ award at this year Datacloud Awards 2017 in Monaco (June 6-8). This award recognizes EvoSwitch’s achievements with regards to the company’s in-house engineered, free cooling based data center technology with ultra-low PUE figures – as being deployed in EvoSwitch’s data center campus in Europe (Amsterdam region).

At the Datacloud Europe 2017 ceremony yesterday evening in Monaco, EvoSwitch was one of four contenders for the ‘Best Energy Solution’ award. Other companies selected by the panel of judges include Asperitas, EcoCooling and NLDC. Datacloud Europe is BroadGroup’s annual networking and deal-making event for the European cloud and data center industry.

As an owner/operator of carbon-neutral data centers in Europe (Amsterdam region) and the U.S. (Washington DC area), EvoSwitch has designed and engineered its energy-efficient ‘free cooling’ concept in-house to address demanding and multi-tenant requirements for colocation and cloud-usage. During the award ceremony yesterday evening in Monaco, Eric Boonstra (Chief Executive Officer EvoSwitch) and Patrick van der Wilt (Commercial Director EvoSwitch) were representing EvoSwitch to see if their energy-efficient data center design with ultra-low PUE figures would be selected as a winning solution. Now it’s confirmed that EvoSwitch’s data center innovation may call itself an‘award-winning’ technology.

Datacloud’s Best Energy Solution award recognizes a data center facility, a team or an individual with a demonstrable track record of implementing an innovative approach. The panel of judges was looking to identify a business that has significantly demonstrated the use of a disruptive energy innovation within the data center environment, preferably providing an exemplar of innovation in energy management to the ‘global’ data center industry.

“The Datacloud Awards celebrate some of the best companies, individuals and technologies in this increasingly challenging and competitive industry,” said Gerd J. Simon, chairman of the Judges Panel. “The Best Energy Solution award was a hotly contested category, with entries of outstanding quality reflecting the amount of change and innovation that is happening in the industry right now. We congratulate EvoSwitch on their achievement.”

Modular Data Center Design

EvoSwitch’s energy-efficient data center technology has quite an “innovative” design that’s now being awarded with the first prize for Best Energy Solution at BroadGroup’s Datacloud Europe 2017 event. EvoSwitch’s innovation is a highly modular, containerized architecture that has been awarded legally registered patents. The integrated, flexible data center infrastructure is not only intensively optimized for energy-efficiency, but also for operational efficiency and ultra-short lead times for data center deployment.

“By winning this data center energy-efficiency award, we’re proud to show that EvoSwitch is perfectly positioned to meet the dynamic hybrid cloud and IoT-driven needs of customers worldwide,” said Eric Boonstra, CEO of EvoSwitch. “EvoSwitch being awarded the first prize for Best Energy Solution at the Datacloud Europe event, is another proof that we’re on the right track with our innovation and engineering efforts at our colocation data center campuses in Europe and the United States. In line with EvoSwitch’s strong growth, strategic ambitions and growing demand for our innovative data center approach, we expect to come up with further major announcements very soon.”

EvoSwitch nominated for ‘’Best Energy Solution’’ award at Datacloud Awards 2017

The judges are looking to identify a business that has significantly demonstrated the use of a disruptive energy innovation. A strong panel of judges have selected Asperitas, EcoCooling, NLDC and EvoSwitch as the four contenders for the award.

The Datacloud Awards represent a tremendous opportunity for the industry to reflect on the sheer range and diversity of current innovation that have provided customers with services and products over the past year. It is also a once a year opportunity to identify the companies and people who deserve the highest recognition.

EvoSwitch hopes to take home the award, but feels already privileged with the nomination. During the award ceremony on the 6th of June, Eric Boonstra (CEO) and Patrick van der Wilt (Commercial Director) will represent EvoSwitch.

Research Report: The foundations of the Dutch Digital Economy

The report about the Dutch digital economy focusses on the interdependence of data, data centers, cloud services, hosting and the opportunities these services give to our digital economy. The report gives 8 recommendations based on the research. All of which are important for the growth of the Dutch digital economy,

We invite you to download the report for free here

The value proposition of Dutch and European data protection legislation

The emphasis of the English written factsheet is to give insight to international businesses, who store or distribute privacy-sensitive data in the Netherlands, on the changes in legislation going into affect from May 25th 2018. The Dutch Data Center Association states that ”the motivation for creating the factsheet is the fact that data is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable assests of businesses.”

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that is going to replace the current Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (WBP) starting from May 25th, 2018, the DDA wants to inform all stakeholders on the changes and potential impacts of the changes.

You can download the factsheet here.



Vote for EvoSwitch to win the ‘’Groene Mug’’ trophy

EvoSwitch is nominated for the Groene Mug trophy (Green Mosquito, where mosquito is a reference to people who live in Haarlem) The Groene Mug trophy is a challenge trophy which is awarded to Haarlem’s Company who is the most sustainable business in Haarlem. The city of Haarlem awards the trophy since May 2009, and from 2014 on, the Groene Mug trophy is chosen by audience votes.

We would highly appreciate it if you could vote for EvoSwitch to become the most sustainable organization of Haarlem this year! The final Deadline for your vote is February 6th, so please do vote before then!

You can vote following this link: http://www.degroenemug.nl/pages/over-ons/groene-mug-bokaal-2017.php

Thanks a lot for your vote!

EvoSwitch OpenCloud Live Event retrospect

At EvoSwitch AMS 1 offices Noord, several interesting speakers from AMS-IX, Microsoft, Parnassia Groep, SmartSensors.me and EvoSwitch shared their cloud vision during the opencloud live event for the coming years but also had hands-on examples and practical solutions how they let the cloud work for them and their end users! The day was moderated by Dr. Ig. Linda Kester.

The combination of having speakers and market stands during the OpenCloud live Event for several EvoSwitch OpenCloud partners gave the room a lively feeling. Approximately 100 visitors came to this first time event and created at good vibe, networking and sharing their cloud visions with each other as the photo’s show. Do you want to know more about OpenCloud ? Please visit our OpenCloud page

Opencloud Event 2016

Opencloud Event 2016

Opencloud Event 2016

EvoSwitch successfully renews ISO14001 certificate

The auditor was very content with the way EvoSwitch as a team is working in regards to environmental awareness and didn’t find any non-conformities. After two days full of interviews, EY Certifypoint considered the commitment by the management team, the involvement and transparency of employees and the housekeeping of the facility as very positive.

EvoSwitch is looking forward to the recertification as planned for next year, when we are moving to the newest version of the standard, ISO14001:2015. This new standard brings new opportunities for us as an organization to improve and has the advantage that is aligns better to our existing ISO27001:2013 certification.

EvoSwitch live on Sustainability radio show

Being on a radio station where sustainability is the central point of focus, EvoSwitch was at the right spot to talk about data center sustainability and the long term effects of it.

Not only the environmental part is a strong factor, but the cost reduction it brings in the long run also is an important element why sustainability is key for EvoSwitch. EvoSwitch’s MB Eric Boonstra didn’t only talk about sustainability but also gave predictions for data centers in the future where he expects a lot of IoT, even though servers will run more cost-effectively.

If you want to listen to the complete radio show (Dutch spoken) click on the link!

News: From IP Interconnection to Cloud Interconnection Partner

EvoSwitch AMS1: Home to AMS-IX

The AMS1 data centre campus in Haarlem, the Netherlands, is the largest EvoSwitch location. This is where the AMS-IX POP is located. “We have currently built out 12,000m2 of customer space, which we can expand to 40,000m2. We also serve the Northern Virginia market in the US with our WDC1 data centre in Manassas, VA. In 2015 we saw strong demand for AMS-IX ports, driven by new customers and upgrades from existing customers, which qualified us for another year as Gold Partner. We also broke through the 0.5 Tbps barrier of AMS-IX traffic originating or terminating with our customers on our campus. An important milestone for both parties.”

Amsterdam: Digital Gateway to Europe

“We are fortunate to have our roots in the Amsterdam area. We know the market well and Amsterdam is a great landing point for international cloud providers, network operators and content providers looking to capture EU market share. The data centre landscape is highly competitive and Amsterdam offers excellent latencies towards a large percentage of the EU’s main business and residential areas. For many customers the cost of fiber and power, connectivity options via AMS-IX and the relative ease of doing business here are reasons to choose Amsterdam over Frankfurt, London or Paris. Furthermore, the Dutch government is placing more emphasis on making the region more appealing to foreign investment from tech firms, something the Amsterdam Economic Board, DINL (Digital Infrastructure Netherlands) and the Dutch Data Center Association are lobbying

Customer focus

Customers greatly appreciate EvoSwitch’s support services. These include handling shipments to and from data centres, racking and stacking, lead times for cross connect installs and a generally flexible attitude that makes it possible to meet and exceed customers’ everyday needs. “Besides providing 100 per cent uptime, these services are very important to our customers. In some cases, they rely entirely on us for day-to-day work around their equipment, 24 hours a day, every day. As we take on more enterprise customers, our commitment to being green and our energy efficiency gives us an advantage. We use 100% green energy, offset our carbon footprint and achieve very low PUE scores.”

Forecast: Clouds, with an Orange Lining

The (Internet) connectivity ecosystem at the heart of EvoSwitch data centres, around AMS-IX, will continue to be very important for EvoSwitch’s business. However, the company sees another ecosystem, around Hybrid Cloud and Cloud interconnection, taking shape inside its data centres. This is partially built on top of already present connectivity, but is connected to large public cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and IBM SoftLayer. “The Enterprise segment is an important one and is now really starting to shift gear. This will bring new opportunities to our cloud provider and network operator partners as well as a key role for AMS-IX.”

The EvoSwitch OpenCloud ecosystem for Hybrid Cloud is connected via AMS-IX, providing ‘virtual’ cross connects between customers inside its data centre, or to customers or partners in other AMS-IX data centres in Amsterdam. “However, AMS-IX also provides seamless, low latency and secure access to the larger public cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer. This is a new role for AMS-IX, as a neutral and distributed Cloud Exchange, for which we see a great future. We were the first to support it and expect others to join.”

News: EvoSwitch and AMS-IX: Gold Partners for three years in a row

Since 2012, EvoSwitch has been home to AMS-IX which plays a strategic role in its ecosystems of customers. First and foremost, AMS-IX facilitates the exchange of Internet traffic between content providers, content distribution networks and ISPs who colocate their networks and content inside EvoSwitch’s AMS1 data center, or any of the other data centers in the Amsterdam metropolitan area where AMS-IX has a presence.

“For 2016, we are looking to promote AMS-IX more with regards to Cloud interconnection,” says Eric Boonstra, EvoSwitch managing director. “Many Enterprise customers are looking to bypass the Internet to connect their private clouds to larger public clouds, locally or elsewhere. Our partnership with AMS-IX offers our customers secure, ultra-low latency and cost-efficient connection options to all major cloud platforms. Rather than building our own ‘Cloud exchange’, we believe that leveraging existing expertise and AMS-IX’ distributed infrastructure will ultimately benefit the entire Cloud ecosystem in Amsterdam.”

“We are very happy to have EvoSwitch among our Gold partners again for 2016”, says Mark Cooper, CCO, AMS-IX. “Our joint success highlights the importance of partners in our ecosystem, and we look forward to deepening our relationship further in 2016, specifically around Cloud interconnection.”

AMS-IX traffic at EvoSwitch AMS1 recently broke through the 500 Gigabits per second threshold, highlighting its role as an interconnection hub for the Amsterdam region. This excludes all direct interconnection traffic between EvoSwitch customers. Currently EvoSwitch manages more than ten thousand physical interconnections between its customers.