EvoSwitch contributes to the new Digital Gateway to Europe Report

AMSTERDAM, November 21, 2017 – The Netherlands is part of the ten largest data hubs worldwide and the fastest growing data center market in Europe. And there are many reasons why. Due to excellent connectivity nationwide, access to 500 million customers, very stable energy grid and a cloud computing adoption rate of 36%, the Netherlands is the gateway into digital Europe. To provide an overview of what the Dutch have to offer, today Digital Gateway to Europe publishes a status report about the Dutch Data Hub 2017.

Download the report here

Sustainable Colocation Company EvoSwitch Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Corporate Rebrand

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 6, 2017 – EvoSwitch, a Europe and U.S. based colocation company with sustainable characteristics and a partner-rich cloud interconnection platform, celebrates its 10th anniversary with the completion of a corporate rebrand – the first in its history. The brand repositioning includes a redesigned corporate identity and a new website which now includes a continuously expanding knowledge platform on topics like (hybrid) cloud and colocation.

When starting its colocation data center business 10 years ago in the Amsterdam area, EvoSwitch was one of the first companies in Europe to launch a ‘carbon-neutral’ facility with highly efficient cooling systems, renewable energy usage, and a low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) figure for energy efficiency purposes. EvoSwitch’s significantly expanded managed services and added value delivery would justify their step towards this newly completed corporate brand identity.

“The use of renewable energy and a low PUE figure are nowadays not as uncommon as ten years ago, although today having the best PUE in the colocation market is still highly impressive I must say – especially for the large facilities owned and operated by EvoSwitch,” said Eric Boonstra, CEO at EvoSwitch. “Energy-efficiency still plays a critical role in our day-to-day data center operations, but in recent years we’ve taken our colocation services to the next level by adding all kinds of managed services and enterprise-grade value.”

“The cloud interconnection platform EvoSwitch OpenCloud is a good example of the value being added in the last two years,” said Mr. Boonstra. “Also EvoSwitch’s in-house developed modular data center building concepts with energy-efficient features and short lead times for implementation are an integral part of our corporate brand identity today. Not to forget about EvoSwitch’s international presence, with our U.S. data center in Manassas, Virginia being added in 2012. All these infrastructural achievements make our 10th anniversary a milestone worth celebrating. The newly completed EvoSwitch corporate brand identity with refreshed logo and updated website design better matches the smart and powerful corporate profile we have established since 2007.”

The addition of a Knowledge Center on the new EvoSwitch website, with strategic information resources including white papers on (hybrid) cloud, colocation and sustainability (Knowledge Center), as well as videos and expert blogs, would also reflect the company’s shift in recent years towards a corporate identity which now includes a complete set of value added managed services.

New Corporate Identity Explained

EvoSwitch’s new corporate brand identity and website are being developed by award-winning Dutch agency Studio Piraat. The agency was requested to design a new website and logo reflecting EvoSwitch’s facilitating role towards its ‘customer cloud ecosystems’ and its ‘open and knowledge sharing’ characteristics. The complex technologies and value added solutions being delivered needed to be translated towards a clean, simple but strong visual design.

The designers from Studio Piraat used new icons and fonts with a ‘future forward design,’ while developing unique illustrations and graphics for this new corporate brand identity. Part of it is also an animation with a scroll-based Infographic, which at a glance would explain what the EvoSwitch ecosystem and value add is all about.

“In 2007 we used to call ourselves a ‘next generation’ data center provider,” added Mr. Boonstra. “Although I know it’s a marketing term by now that’s being used too often, it really was communicating what we stood for then. We were spearheading the international colocation business by going green, as one of the first on a European level in the global data center market. By continuously keeping focused on developing and adding new managed services – in line with evolving hybrid cloud customer needs and requirements – we’re convinced that we will be able to stay ahead of the market for the next 10 years to come. The new EvoSwitch corporate brand identity being implemented when celebrating our 10th anniversary is meant to support that goal.”

Eric Boonstra Interviewed for Brexit Status Report

AMSTERDAM, October 12, 2017 – “Should I stay or should I go?” This question was answered with ‘Leave’ by a majority of the British people during the EU-referendum on the 23rd of June 2016. Although the Netherlands would very much like the UK to stay, Brexit has become a reality and preparations for the consequences of this decision will have to be made.

Digital Gateway to Europe has released a report today which examines the current state of affairs regarding Brexit and analyses actions that can be taken by the tech industry and which possible timelines should be taken into account. Key question is what the main challenges and opportunities regarding Brexit are.

Digital gateway to Europe has prepared a report in which the consequences of Brexit for the tech industry are outlined. EvoSwitch CEO Eric Boonstra was interviewed for this report. You can download the full report from the Digital Gateway to Europe website here.

News: Sustainable and Reliable Connectivity

EvoSwitch CEO Eric Boonstra was interviewed about digitization, read the entire article in dutch here.

News: How Entrepreneurs can Influence Municipalities.

In 2018 the Dutch municipality elections will take place. Nevertheless political parties are already preparing their election plans. In order to increase input from businesses and entrepreneurs, VNO-NCW held a survey among her members to investigate their experiences with municipalities. Eric Boonstra (EvoSwitch) is one of the members who responded to this survey. “Municipalities can have a very defining role to Companies.”

EvoSwitch CEO Eric Boonstra was interviewd on how entrepreneurs can influence municipalities. Read the entire article in Dutch Here


EvoSwitch at Neutral Peering Days

As a sponsor of the Neutral Peering days EvoSwitch was allowed a sponsored area at the event. The event enabled EvoSwitch to network with existing clients, industry peers and new market entrants.

NL-ix provided interesting speakers, panels and activities. With over 280 applicants there was always someone interesting to network with. EvoSwitch’s John Pearson spoke in the Datacenter Panel discussion on developments in the datacenter panel discussion.

The day was concluded with the famous Late Summer Drinks at the Scheveningen beach. Despite the bad weather the amount of attendees at the Late Summer Drinks matched or even surpassed the amount of attendees at the Kurhaus. All in all, a productive and social day at a well-organized event at one of the most beautiful venues in The Hague.

EvoSwitch Releases White Paper: How to Plan a Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Data Center Company EvoSwitch Provides CIO/CTO Strategic Hybrid Cloud Planning Input

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 15 August 2017 – EvoSwitch, a Europe and U.S. based colocation data center provider with its partner-rich cloud interconnection platform, EvoSwitch OpenCloud, today releases a new white paper titled: ‘How to Build a Better Cloud –Planning.’ Aimed at CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors, the white paper provides expert-input to a business-driven planning process for weighing multi-cloud environments and implementing a hybrid cloud strategy.

As a colocation services provider with its data centers located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Manassas (Washington DC area) in the U.S., EvoSwitch serves a considerable amount of clients with hybrid cloud needs. That’s why the colocation company established its cloud marketplace, EvoSwitch OpenCloud, two years ago. Through this marketplace, EvoSwitch customers would be able to quickly and securely interconnect to a large number of other cloud platforms including AWS, Google and Azure.

Partly based on these OpenCloud, hybrid cloud customer experiences as well as cloud management expertise of the author himself, the EvoSwitch white paper released today provides CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors with business-driven guidance for successfully planning their hybrid cloud strategy. Titled ‘How to Build a Better Cloud –Planning,’ the white paper is written by seasoned data center services and cloud computing professional, Patrick van der Wilt, who serves as the Commercial Director for EvoSwitch.

EvoSwitch’s new white paper ‘How to Build a Better Cloud –Planning’ counts 30 pages and is available in English. It can be downloaded for free at: https://evoswitch.com/white_papers/build-a-better-cloud-part-1-planning/.

Detailed Hybrid Cloud Planning, Deep Buy-In

The EvoSwitch white paper addresses current hybrid cloud challenges and opportunities, and contains in-depth knowledge for CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors on successfully establishing the right planning processes for a hybrid cloud roadmap.

The author, Mr. Van der Wilt advocates that the following factors should be considered when selecting a solid private/public cloud balance and planning a migration towards a hybrid cloud environment: identifying business requirements; identifying hybrid cloud benefits and business outcomes; compliance management; (spread of) cost; identifying and modifying internal organizational capabilities; data sovereignty; asset review & management – both data and people; achieving harmony in connectivity between systems, data, services and hosting infrastructure; and selling the hybrid cloud strategy. He elaborates on that by providing specific tips on planning the appropriate hybrid cloud delivery model.

“Successful digital transformation and migration to a hybrid cloud environment requires detailed planning, and above all a deep buy-in,” said Patrick van der Wilt, the author of EvoSwitch’s new white paper. “Key to hybrid cloud migration success is to explain and sell the processes planned, at every level of migration. Although this paper is intended to provide technical managers such as CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors with in-depth guidance for planning their hybrid cloud journeys, I’ve also included introductory information for non-technical senior managers involved in IT decision making and hybrid IT planning.”

The EvoSwitch white paper includes a variety of hybrid cloud market study results that can help enterprise management to achieve organizational buy-in when planning their hybrid cloud journey. It also contains private vs. public cloud considerations, featuring ’10 Key Pros & Cons of Public and Private Cloud.’ The paper concludes with providing a Planning Checklist with key activities that should be considered in the run-up to hybrid cloud implementation.

Evoswitch experts are already working on the compilation of a new white paper, which will be the sequel to current paper. Where current white paper handles the strategic ins and outs for planning a hybrid cloud journey, the new to be released paper will address the implementation phase.

About EvoSwitch

EvoSwitch provides secure and sustainable data center services, with cloud- and carrier-neutral data centers in Europe and the United States. EvoSwitch is home to growing ecosystems of customers around interconnection and hybrid cloud, operating at the edge of the Internet and providing access to public clouds. EvoSwitch enables global and local customers to build their IT infrastructure for growth, creating value for customers and partners alike offering 139.900 sq. ft. (13.000 m2) and ample room for further growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

In response to customer demand and market requirements, EvoSwitch has built an extensive set of managed services including its EvoSwitch OpenCloud – a cloud-neutral and partner-rich (hybrid) cloud interconnection marketplace for low-latency interconnection options. As one of the first colocation data centers in Europe with ultra-low PUE figures while utilizing 100% renewables, EvoSwitch’s engineering teams provide special assistance for customers when optimizing equipment configurations, condition monitoring and reduction of energy consumption.

EvoSwitch’s data centers in both Europe and the U.S. provide enterprise-grade security measures while meeting strict compliance and third-party accredited standards including ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2004, PCI-DSS, SIOC1 Type II, and LEED Gold.

To learn more about EvoSwitch, visit: evoswitch.com

RETN Conducts Major Network Upgrade at EvoSwitch’s Amsterdam Colocation Data Center

The network upgrade has transformed RETN’s PoP at EvoSwitch AMS1 into a ‘Super PoP’, expanding EvoSwitch’s already network-dense connectivity options in Amsterdam significantly.

“With the current upgrade, driven by growing demand, we have doubled our capacity at the PoP,” stated Andrey Gazizov, CTO at RETN. “We can now easily increase our existing bandwidth up to 4 Tbps and thus address needs of a larger amount of local and international customers seeking for connectivity from the Netherlands. We are delighted to be EvoSwitch’s connectivity partner for a number of years already. We greatly appreciate the work of their support team, fast delivery and reasonable price of the services they offer.”

Pan-European network

The cooperation between RETN and EvoSwitch AMS1 started back in 2014 when RETN launched their DWDM PoP at this large Amsterdam colocation data center. The PoP is directly connected to RETN’s multi-gigabit pan-European network forming a significant part of RETN’s presence in Benelux region.

“This just proves once again that Amsterdam is the world’s leading digital connectivity center,” said Eric Boonstra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EvoSwitch. “Whether you are a large multi-national corporate or a smaller enterprise, it makes sense to co-locate in Amsterdam when establishing European data center presence – because of the ease in connecting to the entire Internet spectrum. We are happy that RETN chose us for their Super PoP, a choice not only based on the trust we have earned over the past few years but also with the knowledge that we can provide them with a rich selection of content, cloud services and connectivity.


About RETN

RETN is an international network service provider offering a range of services across its own fibre-optic network to carriers, ISPs, large enterprises, CDNs, governmental organisations, Hosting and Cloud Providers.  RETN has over 32,000 km of fibre on its pan-European network which connects 29 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, with a strong presence in the high growth markets of Eastern Europe and Russia. The RETN backbone (which is connected directly to all major carrier-neutral DCs) carries a large proportion of international traffic in the regions it passes through. The DWDM based network is designed in a ring-architecture offering multiple layers of redundancy. The network’s unique geographical footprint provides over 5 Tbps of capacity over its four primary routes between the West and Asia.

For more information on RETN’s PoPs in the Netherland and worldwide visit http://retn.net/points-of-presence/.

About EvoSwitch

 EvoSwitch provides secure and sustainable data center services, with cloud- and carrier-neutral data centers in Europe and the US. EvoSwitch is home to growing ecosystems of customers around interconnection and hybrid cloud, operating at the edge of the Internet and providing access to public clouds. EvoSwitch enables global and local customers to build their IT infrastructure for growth, creating value for customers and partners alike.

Within its cloud- and carrier-neutral data centers in Europe and the United States, EvoSwitch has 139.900 sq. ft. (13.000 m2) of colocation space available and ample room for further growth. Its network-dense data center environment is home to a wide range of global and local customers and also houses PoPs for leading Internet Exchanges including AMS-IX, NL-ix, and LINX NoVA. EvoSwitch has also built an extensive set of managed services including its EvoSwitch OpenCloud – a cloud-neutral and partner-rich (hybrid) cloud interconnection marketplace for low-latency interconnection options.

To learn more about EvoSwitch, visit: evoswitch.com

EvoSwitch joins PSTG New Global Data Centre Consortium

“We’ve observed a growing customer demand for greater flexibility in terms of service and retail pricing over the years.  We also know that organisations are put off changing their facility because of the perceived pain of transition.  Our value in the consortium is about the consideration of our customer’s infrastructure, communications and applications, so we can not only make recommendations for the most appropriate facility, but help transition into it”, says Colin Woods, Business Development Manager at PSTG.

“Working with state-of-the-art data centre facilities, in more convenient locations for businesses is what spurred us to facilitate the creation of a unique Consortium of providers”, added Colin.

Around 20 members have already joined the Consortium including aql in Leeds, Cogeco Peer 1 in Southampton, Custodian Data Centres in Kent, EvoSwitch in The Netherlands, MIGSOLV in Norfolk, and Servecentric in Dublin. All members are committed to working in collaboration to support the needs of individual customers, providing access to a wide spread number of geographic locations across the globe. The Consortium already boasts a number of international providers in place as far afield as Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dublin and Luxembourg.

To join the Consortium all members must be independent, feature next-generation technologies, engage transparently and offer customers ownership of every aspect of delivery. Each member is a commercial entity in its own right, but is open minded to working co-operatively with other members to enable the DR and resilience services today’s organisations need.

As a leading provider of digital transformation services, data centre transition, migration and support coupled with hardware procurement from leading vendors such as Cisco and Dell, PSTG is well placed to help organisations find the best data centre partners for their business.

“As the driving force responsible for instigating the Consortium venture, we’re truly excited about the opportunities this unleashes for customers. In essence, it means they will at last be in control of their own data centre destiny,” concludes Colin.

EvoSwitch Wins ”Best Energy Solution’’ award at Datacloud Awards 2017

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 7 June 2017 – EvoSwitch, a provider of 100% carbon-neutral operated colocation data centers in the Europe and the U.S. with its partner-rich cloud interconnection platform, EvoSwitch OpenCloud, has been awarded the ‘Best Energy Solution’ award at this year Datacloud Awards 2017 in Monaco (June 6-8). This award recognizes EvoSwitch’s achievements with regards to the company’s in-house engineered, free cooling based data center technology with ultra-low PUE figures – as being deployed in EvoSwitch’s data center campus in Europe (Amsterdam region).

At the Datacloud Europe 2017 ceremony yesterday evening in Monaco, EvoSwitch was one of four contenders for the ‘Best Energy Solution’ award. Other companies selected by the panel of judges include Asperitas, EcoCooling and NLDC. Datacloud Europe is BroadGroup’s annual networking and deal-making event for the European cloud and data center industry.

As an owner/operator of carbon-neutral data centers in Europe (Amsterdam region) and the U.S. (Washington DC area), EvoSwitch has designed and engineered its energy-efficient ‘free cooling’ concept in-house to address demanding and multi-tenant requirements for colocation and cloud-usage. During the award ceremony yesterday evening in Monaco, Eric Boonstra (Chief Executive Officer EvoSwitch) and Patrick van der Wilt (Commercial Director EvoSwitch) were representing EvoSwitch to see if their energy-efficient data center design with ultra-low PUE figures would be selected as a winning solution. Now it’s confirmed that EvoSwitch’s data center innovation may call itself an‘award-winning’ technology.

Datacloud’s Best Energy Solution award recognizes a data center facility, a team or an individual with a demonstrable track record of implementing an innovative approach. The panel of judges was looking to identify a business that has significantly demonstrated the use of a disruptive energy innovation within the data center environment, preferably providing an exemplar of innovation in energy management to the ‘global’ data center industry.

“The Datacloud Awards celebrate some of the best companies, individuals and technologies in this increasingly challenging and competitive industry,” said Gerd J. Simon, chairman of the Judges Panel. “The Best Energy Solution award was a hotly contested category, with entries of outstanding quality reflecting the amount of change and innovation that is happening in the industry right now. We congratulate EvoSwitch on their achievement.”

Modular Data Center Design

EvoSwitch’s energy-efficient data center technology has quite an “innovative” design that’s now being awarded with the first prize for Best Energy Solution at BroadGroup’s Datacloud Europe 2017 event. EvoSwitch’s innovation is a highly modular, containerized architecture that has been awarded legally registered patents. The integrated, flexible data center infrastructure is not only intensively optimized for energy-efficiency, but also for operational efficiency and ultra-short lead times for data center deployment.

“By winning this data center energy-efficiency award, we’re proud to show that EvoSwitch is perfectly positioned to meet the dynamic hybrid cloud and IoT-driven needs of customers worldwide,” said Eric Boonstra, CEO of EvoSwitch. “EvoSwitch being awarded the first prize for Best Energy Solution at the Datacloud Europe event, is another proof that we’re on the right track with our innovation and engineering efforts at our colocation data center campuses in Europe and the United States. In line with EvoSwitch’s strong growth, strategic ambitions and growing demand for our innovative data center approach, we expect to come up with further major announcements very soon.”