EvoSwitch OpenCloud for hybrid cloud exchange services

The OpenCloud concept

OpenCloud is a vibrant community of cloud service provider partners and enterprise customers inside EvoSwitch data centers. Already under the same roof, it’s an incredibly convenient way for providers and customers to do business.

Public and hybrid cloud solutions

Enterprises can choose from a broad range of cloud providers in the data center who can then connect them securely at minimal latency to public Clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, bypassing the public Internet. It’s a perfect environment for building hybrid clouds, combining the compliance or latency-sensitivity of a private cloud with the scalability of the major public cloud providers.

An Open Interconnect model powered by AMS-IX

There are two ways for enterprise customers to connect.

Fiber Cross Connects establish robust, direct and physical links between a service provider’s network and other customers inside our data centers.

AMS-IX Open Interconnect offers multiple connections to ensure the fastest provisioning. Using 1, 10 or 100 Gigabit ports, AMS-IX will provision isolated, secure VLANs to any other partner or customer who is also connected. Apart from faster provisioning times, the benefit is the ability to set up multiple VLANs to multiple parties, limited only by the individual port capacity (although of course you can have multiple ports).

AMS-IX Open Interconnect means you can not only connect to other parties within an EvoSwitch data center but to any party connected to AMS-IX in all ten of its other data centers across its Amsterdam footprint.

OpenCloud Marketplace: Find the cloud partner that’s right for you

OpenCloud comes with a powerful marketplace, where our partners offer their cloud services, cloud interconnect services and more. Enterprise customers can search for services and partners and contact them directly to discuss their requirements.