Business-as-a-Service built from multiple cloud service providers is the next major value opportunity for the Enterprise. Cloud-neutral colocation providers should be bringing service providers and system integrators together to encourage the next generation of solutions.


This blogpost is writtern by Eric Boonstra, MB of EvoSwitch

As 451 put it in a recent analycis, the first three ‘as a Service’ pillars of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS all to some extent “mirror…existing technology towers that the market is used to outsourcing.”  But BaaS – or BPaaS as it is sometimes called – tests the vision, and the nerve, of managers and consultants.

Sharing infrastructure, networks or applications is one thing, but is the outsourcing of core processes a bridge – or rather a pillar – too far? Should you allow partners to manage customer-facing processes? And if you are offering BaaS, how do you overcome these concerns?

For those businesses that are already well down the IT as a Service road, BaaS is a natural next step.  BaaS builds on the collaborative model of working with external service providers to leverage the cloud technology stack provided through solutions like EvoSwitch OpenCloud.

The Most Valuable Service of All

Value is the key driver – do the benefits outweigh the risks involved? In this respect BaaS should, by its nature, far outperform the other pillars. Rather than tackling a lower value ‘transferable’ service which can be seen as peripheral to the core business, BaaS delivers high value business outcomes. With BaaS you can quickly accomplish a goal using business services orchestrated, managed, monitored, run and hosted in the cloud. Costs and results are both easy to measure, bringing businesses closer to achieving the original transformational promise of cloud technology.

Putting the BaaS Offering Together

From the solution integrator’s perspective, these benefits definitely make BaaS a worthwhile challenge, particularly when using a third party cloud-neutral provider like EvoSwitch.  TCO becomes easy to track, there is no need for Capex on facilities, and there is instant, secure, low latency access to a vibrant ecosystem of NSPs and CSPs, including the specialist service providers needed to tailor service levels for specific clients.

Make Space in your Diary

We want to be where the new BaaS solutions emerge: as an ideal incubation and launch location for the next generation of BaaS solutions, it falls to cloud-neutral colocation providers like EvoSwitch to bring the key actors together. On Thursday 24 March in Haarlem, the Netherlands, we’re organizing a half-day event around ‘the changing role of traditional outsourcing (BPO) in a multi-cloud world’. If you are interested in attending this Dutch-language event (Event has been held)

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