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How can you ensure the fast and reliable connectivity you need but keep colocation costs down as much as possible? Built on the backbone of the internet in the heart of US markets, Evoswitch offers hyper-connectivity from web-scale data centers for optimal performance. You can peer and cross-connect to a huge variety of partners to deliver content with the speed and reliability your users demand – while maintaining a tight control on costs.

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A wide spectrum of low-latency and cost-effective connectivity to Europe and North America: over 50 Network Service Providers in-house and a choice of thousands of others to peer with.

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Transatlantic footprint with ample space and power. Over 10,000 m² of premium space with scope for a further 30,000. 25 MW of available power with scope for a further 60 MW.

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Smart data center design means we maximize energy efficiency while delivering high density power configurations as required. Extremely low PUE scores and 100% renewable energy help keep costs and environmental impact to a minimum.

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Packed with opportunity

Thriving ecosystems of providers, enterprises and partners give you rich opportunities to develop your business quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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