Built on top of the world’s largest Internet hubs, our state of the art data centers are ideal gateways to North America. They also minimize the financial investment needed to outsource your mission-critical IT equipment.


Our Strategically placed data center in Washington DC gives you access to key markets from facilities with the highest specifications.

Purpose designed

Our data centers have been designed to maximize efficiency – especially energy efficiency . Smart design also makes them easily scalable.


Data center security is our priority and our facilities are heavily secured against all possible threats, ensuring minimum risk and maximum uptime for your applications.


An optimized IT infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with minimizing long-term environmental impact. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on sustainability in the design and operation of our data centers.


EvoSwitch maintains the highest standards possible. We keep up-to-date with IT industry certifications and constantly improve our facilities in line with them.

Features of EvoSwitch data centers

State-of-the-art, purpose-built data centers give you the best in performance, security and reliability. They also have impressive green credentials.

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Strategic locations give fast and direct access to major markets in the USA

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24/7 Security

Stringent security measures both outside and in the data centers ensure data safety

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99.999% uptime

Trust your mission critical applications to EvoSwitch with industry-leading levels of reliability

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High-density cooling

Highly advanced energy efficient cooling technology maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs


Close to major markets. Close to key business centers and local infrastructure.

Whichever way you look at it; our


data centers are perfectly placed for your business.

The Green Fan

The Green Fan is a collective of IT companies dedicated to environmentally friendly results. Together with our partners, EvoSwitch promises end-users that our collective IT infrastructure is deployed in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

EvoSwitch member of The Green Fan

Come and take a look at one of the greenest data center facilities.

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