The Green Fan Program

Evoswitch is proud to make a major positive contribution to a climate-neutral environment. By operating as a green IT company we help our customers maintain a low carbon footprint, which benefits both their business and the environment. We encourage and promote this business philosophy through the Green Fan Program.

EvoSwitch member of The Green Fan

The Green Fan is a collective of IT companies dedicated to environmentally friendly results. Together with our partners, Evoswitch promises end-users that our collective IT infrastructure is deployed in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Companies carrying the Green Fan logo demonstrate that they are actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by housing their IT services in a green data center. A Green Fan business is a sustainable company, committed not only to the future of its own organization but also that of the planet.

Become a Green Fan member
Do you want to show your support of corporate environmental sustainability? Then join the Green Fan program which will entitle you to use the Green Fan logo yourself when your IT infrastructure is located at Evoswitch.