Evoswitch Internet Exchange Partners

Strategic Internet Exchange Partners residing in our data centers enrich our ecosystem, giving you peering opportunities with ISPs or content providers around the world.

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Stay flexible

Choose from over two thousand peering networks according to your needs.

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Develop new markets

Access peers in new markets without deploying your own network locally.

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Reduce costs

Peer to peer connections can dramatically cut your transit costs.

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Better performance

Enjoy faster speeds and higher reliability end to end on a global platform.

Connect to every corner of the world

through our IX partnerships

Our strategic Internet Exchange partners

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Neutral, independent and distributed Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam.

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Pan-European internet exchange with over 500 members and 8.9 Tbps of traffic.

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The London Internet Exchange is a global leader of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

IX Room

A community where many other partners can be found to buy and sell network services.

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