EvoSwitch’s Internet Exchange partners who have a physical presence inside our data centers provide public peering opportunities with ISPs or content providers from around the world. You can reach Internet Exchanges in other European and North American markets through a growing number of remote peering partners with a simple cross connect. We call this community: IXroom™.

Explore new revenue opportunities in fresh markets

By peering with partners within our data centers you have immediate access to markets where you don’t yet have a physical presence. Or you could add incidental peers outside your network footprint. All without the hassle and expense of deploying a network locally.

Scale your network as and when you need

Network Service Providers in IXroom provide you with wholesale BGP access to the rest of the internet, wavelength point-to-point services and dark fiber so you can scale your network and build for growth.

Everything you need to expand under one roof

We offer access to over 2000 peering networks – all just a cross connect away. It makes expanding your network quick, simple and cost effective.