Data center security is our priority and our facilities are heavily secured against all possible threats, ensuring minimum risk and maximum uptime for your mission-critical applications.

EvoSwitch provides secure data center & colocation services

Security measures

We take extreme precautions to safeguard your hardware and data. Only people authorized by you have access to your facilities. And anybody applying for access to the data center has to identify him or herself with a passport or driver’s license.

All of our security systems are tested continuously and are third-party-certified. In addition, our dedicated security team is in direct contact with all necessary local agencies to ensure complete protection of the data center.

  • CCTV cameras inside and out
  • Zoned-access control key card system with secure turnstiles
  • Access list
  • Visitors escorted at all times within the building
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Security guards on-site 24/7
  • Security patrol of complete business site
  • Perimeter electric fencing

  • Secured loading dock

  • Complete location above sea level

  • Constant monitoring of security systems and alarms 24/7/365

  • VESDA fire detection

  • Gas based fire suppression

  • Outside of flight paths

Data Center Compliance