Healthcare Providers

Looking for a secure, reliable infrastructure partner to help you capitalize on the market opportunity as healthcare migrates to the cloud? Need the flexibility to sell private and public virtual solutions?  Look no further. Whether developing new or existing IT and cloud-based solutions you can count on our hyper-connected cloud platform at EvoSwitch, with world-leading compliance, support, and a wide choice of networks.

Priority #1: Secure

Relevant certifications enable you to comply with national and international regulations for data security and build these into your customer proposition. Also, we constantly review and update our compliance status to ensure customers can meet the latest regulatory requirements. More


EvoSwitch OpenCloud allows you to quickly deploy bespoke secure hybrid clouds for customers, with a choice of private service providers and secure high-performance connections to the leading public providers. 


Work with trusted network partners and try out new ones whenever you feel like it: over 50 Network Service Providers in-house and a choice of thousands to peer with via key Internet Exchanges.

Packed with opportunity

With a large and diverse customer base, we offer you many more opportunities to connect with a range of service provider partners and potential customers who could support you in meeting your IT goals.

Future-proof and scalable

Over 10.000 m² of premium space with scope for a further 30.000. 25 MW of available power with scope for a further 60 MW.

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