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Everyone is experiencing a wave of subscriber/data permission emails as the GDPR deadline of 25 May approaches. The new regulation affects everybody who does business in Europe, large and small. For those of you who are still tackling the various challenges of the new regulation we recommend taking a few minutes to read our GDPR Guide, which is now freely available (no need to give us your personal details!) on our website. 

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Patrick van der Wilt, Commercial Director

The Deadline Approaches

On 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] – the EU’s new regulation covering protection of personal data – becomes law. The new legislation, generally acknowledged to be a major step forward for international personal data protection, is designed to ensure the secure free flow of data across Europe while protecting the personal data of EU citizens. It includes new responsibilities for data processors (as opposed to data controllers), the right to be forgotten, the right to data portability, and new directions on acquiring positive consent from people who share their data.

No Data Required

Failure to comply could be costly, with potential fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover. To provide ‘no strings attached’ support to anyone still implementing the changes needed to meet the regulation we have posted a copy of our GDPR Guide on the EvoSwitch website – no registration required.

The guide draws from a wide range of sources to provide a 12-step overview of the process organisations should follow. Plus a comprehensive 20 point checklist for compliance. It only takes 15 minutes to read and is designed to be accessible to all managers. Not just those with a particular technical or legal specialism. It also includes a list of resources and links for background and follow-up.

White Paper Library

The free guide marks the opening up of a lot of the White Paper content of the EvoSwitch Knowledge Center. Over the coming months we will be publishing much of our growing White Paper library which covers many of the latest ICT and infrastructure challenges.

If you don’t mind registering a few details you can download any that interest you today:

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