I have always said that EvoSwitch needs to be a quality-driven organisation, with robust internal processes for quality improvement. But quality is ultimately judged by the customer, so there is no better indicator than customer satisfaction. That is why I am delighted to announce that we have exceeded our customer satisfaction targets for the third year in a row.

Eric Boonstra, CEO, EvoSwitch

Net Promoter Score

The metric we use for Customer Satisfaction is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS, which is used by more than two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies, divides customers into three categories: promoters, passives, and detractors. Scores can be as low as −100 (everybody is a detractor) or as high as +100 (everybody is a promoter). The critical score is zero, above which the business has more promoters than detractors. An NPS that is positive (i.e. higher than zero) is felt to be good, and an NPS of over +50 is regarded as excellent. It makes me proud to say that EvoSwitch scored over +50 in in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 with an average of +64..

Three Cheers for Customer Support

Unfortunately, I can’t take much of that credit. At a management level we can set up systems and encourage good performance, and we talk the talk.  But the people who are really building these relationships and delivering on our promises are our Customer Support Team.  They are all real experts with hands-on experience in datacenters, hosting and IT engineering, and their technical expertise and speedy resolution of customer issues is what makes the difference. So, three cheers for Customer Support – you’ve done it again!

Eric Boonstra is the CEO of EvoSwitch. His focus on attracting international customers to EvoSwitch has been helped by his multi-sector experience, which includes senior management roles in Siemens, Staples and ABN AMRO View full bio