CAM IT Solutions B.V.

CAM IT works at the leading edge of the highly competitive healthcare ICT sector, providing both on premise and private cloud-based ICT infrastructure. Reliability, security and efficiency are vital for CAM IT and their clients.

Their solutions are critical to supporting the high-speed, ultra-secure, flexible solutions now needed to support hospitals, mental health care, nursing care, home care and the disabled. Find out more:

“We trust EvoSwitch to the same extent that our clients trust us, and we would not consider any other provider.”

Willem Drijver, CEO


While CAM IT has to implement and manage a huge range of applications, and works with over a dozen technology partners, the company’s overwhelming challenge is gaining and retaining the trust of its clients, particularly for its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. In order to do this the company needs a network-dense data center partner whose operational and service standards match the extremely demanding availability and security criteria of the sector. ISO accreditations are vital for CAM IT’s customers. They are integrated into CAM IT’s own service chain so they become a vital function of the CAM IT business. “Certifications are the proof, but the paperwork on its own isn’t enough. The trust in the relationship behind them is even more important,” says Willem Drijver, CEO.


All of the CAM IT customer platforms that are not on premise are hosted by EvoSwitch. CAM IT uses EvoSwitch international connections for global service platforms, and has an ecosystem for the application providers in The Netherlands, who account for 9 out of 10 of the applications they offer. Connectivity is also provided for platform connections – internet connectivity, VPNs, and links to customer sites.

Why EvoSwitch

CAM IT’s association with EvoSwitch goes back to 2008 when it launched a customer who was located in an EvoSwitch data center. “We were looking for a provider at that time and our experience together was very good,” says Willem. “So EvoSwitch became our primary data center partner.” In 2013 CAM IT launched its own PaaS – CAMCUBE – with multi-tenant infrastructure for its services. Since then the company’s colocation requirements have risen. “We expect to double the number of users this year to over 10,000. That said, the vast majority are still using on premise infrastructure so the opportunity (for PaaS) is still very large. We are projecting that from 2018 on more than half of our total platform delivery will take place via CAMCUBE. To meet this target our data center footprint will have to increase by a factor of two or three each year.”


“Clearly we are happy with the relationship,” continues Willem. “We admire the combination of professional service levels and trustworthiness we get from EvoSwitch. Also – and this is critical in our fast-growing markets – EvoSwitch have maintained the short communication lines necessary to get things done well and fast. If we need a quick connection with a tight deadline we always find them helpful, understanding and customer-focused – in other words highly professional. We trust EvoSwitch to the same extent that our clients trust us, and we would not consider any other provider.”