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EvoSwitch client case phoenixNPA Global IT Services

“A simple cross connect to EvoSwitch OpenCloud delivers a world of opportunities.”

Martin Wielomski, Business Development and Sales Manager EMEA, PhoenixNAP Global IT Services


PhoenixNAP is an ambitious international infrastructure provider for whom effective partnership is key to growth. As it grew, the company needed an infrastructure partner in Europe that could provide a seamless platform for supporting customer expansions as well as a launchpad for the business as whole. “In 2009 we built data centers in Arizona which were similar to the EvoSwitch facilities,” says Martin Wielomski, EMEA Business Development and Sales Manager. “We worked with various providers in the Netherlands, and once we grew enough to need dedicated European facilities we started thinking Netherlands or the UK? We needed low-latency reach, space to grow, and strong SLAs, with a good carrier choice for cost-effective connectivity. Ideally we also wanted a home from home – a base of operations for building our brand.”

Why EvoSwitch

It soon became apparent that the Netherlands was an excellent place to base the business. “We already knew EvoSwitch and so we started talking about our longer-term needs,” continues Martin.  “We always have our own technicians on site, and EvoSwitch was able to offer office space a couple of minutes’ walk from the servers.  All the SLAs and certifications we needed were already in place and the pricing model worked. We provide our own blend of bandwidth – normally five key carriers – but some customers need different carriers and we don’t want to have our hands tied in this area, so the more the better. EvoSwitch offered a massive choice – over 50 carriers — to choose from. And the AMS-IX and NL-IX PoPs are added attractions. In the end choosing to work with EvoSwitch was an easy decision.”


EvoSwitch supports the full range of phoenixNAP services, which include Hardware as a Service and a growing range of cloud solutions. For added flexibility, and to allay any fears over privacy, the Dutch company is a separate entity, which helps the new business effort, particularly with European prospects. 


EvoSwitch and phoenixNAP are invested in each other’s businesses. “We have a genuine proactive partnership,” continues Martin. “We don’t just work together, we approach the market together, co-hosting local events for instance.”  The companies have also grown together, and their expanding portfolios complement each other. “We really appreciate EvoSwitch’s growing eco-system-driven portfolio. For customers of ours with third party partners in the EvoSwitch ecosystem a simple cross connect to EvoSwitch’s OpenCloud service delivers a world of opportunities. Our portfolio is extremely broad but it stops at Hypervisor level so is not very deep.  For depth our customers need to find partners, and if they can access them within the data center then this reduces sprawl and improves performance and security.”