Are you looking to implement a hybrid cloud strategy but not sure what’s best for your business? EvoSwitch OpenCloud is your hybrid cloud solution.
EvoSwitch OpenCloud for hybrid cloud exchange services
EvoSwitch OpenCloud for hybrid cloud exchange services

What is OpenCloud?

OpenCloud is EvoSwitch’s cloud-neutral, partner-rich cloud interconnection platform. With dozens of active members and growing, OpenCloud creates a dynamic marketplace for the sale, development and consumption of next generation cloud architecture. It brings together enterprises, networks, cloud infrastructure providers, specialist partners, and leading Internet Exchanges, offering a huge variety of low latency cloud connection options.

EvoSwitch has data centers to provide direct access to the world

Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Your business can connect directly to public Clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or IBM Softlayer, bypassing the public Internet to enhance speed and security. You can select from a wide range of specialist cloud service providers that can help design the right cloud model and back up, secure, orchestrate and synchronize their data. It’s a perfect environment for building hybrid clouds, combining the compliance or latency-sensitivity of a private cloud with the scalability of the major public cloud providers.

EvoSwitch offers scalable & flexible data center services

Browse and Build in a Cloud-Neutral Environment

Location matters for Hybrid Cloud architecture. At EvoSwitch, you can benefit from low-latency direct routes to the major Public Cloud providers you want.  This enables you to leverage Public Cloud for less latency-sensitive data or applications, while keeping other data in a Private Cloud, for compliancy or latency purposes.

Neutrality also delivers business advantages by promoting a dynamic marketplace. Cloud consumers can search for network services and partners and contact them directly to discuss their requirements. Service providers can generate new revenue while users enjoy competitive offers and complete flexibility, adding and subtracting services as and when needed.  And EvoSwitch is always on hand to offer balanced expert advice.

Keep your Options Open

Neutrality is key to the OpenCloud concept. Because OpenCloud is neutral, you can leverage the full power of the marketplace. You avoid lock-in, run multiple clouds in multiple markets, and look forward to growing choice as new partners sign up and existing partners expand their services.

  • OpenCloud includes dozens of leading Network Service Providers, all of whom can provide competitive quotes and service specifications for the direct cloud connects they offer.
  • OpenCloud’s Public Cloud connections can also be powered by two of the world’s leading Internet Exchanges: NL-ix and AMS-IX.

EvoSwitch OpenCloud for hybrid cloud exchange services
EvoSwitch strategic partner Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix)
EvoSwitch Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Gold Partner
For every new OpenCloud IX Connect port you book via EvoSwitch you can colocate your network equipment FREE for a year – and that includes space and power.
OpenCloud offer schedule
*Applies to routing equipment only, not servers. Space is allocated according to contracted port size(s).

Special Hybrid Cloud Offer

We are convinced that OpenCloud represents the future of hybrid cloud architecture. So for a limited time, we are offering free consultancy, technical support, colocation and connection for the first 12 months of your contract.

  • Impartial expert advice on efficient design, suppliers and possible partners
  • We set up a Free OpenCloud membership for you for as long as your contract runs
  • Free network equipment colocation: Colocate your routing equipment for free for a year, including space and power
  • 5 free cross connects: no setup or recurring costs

For every new OpenCloud IX Connect port you book via EvoSwitch you can colocate your network equipment FREE for a year – and that includes space and power.*